Guys this is good news, now you will affectively get $0.12 on top of your purchased power back from TVA. Instead Like here in Nashville, TN $0.088 per KWH you will get $0.088 + $0.12 = $0.208 back for every KWH your Solar system produces. Well on top of that TVA adds an incentive of $1000.00 for you get to keep if you have not yet installed a solar array, to offset the initial installation expense a little!!!!

Now I have run this through my solar Calculator for 50% power regeneration of current electric bill $90.00 / month this brings the net cost after the first year (Tax Return) to $21712 installed at $9.00 KWH. (this is  4 KW solar system) – or if you go for the full 100% of E-bill, net cost after the first year (Tax Return) to $44425 installed at $9.00 KWH. (this is  8 KW solar system). On both calculations your “Break Even” point is in the 11th year! Even though if you now figure in the financing (6%) for 20 Years (life time of Solar panels) your looking at $155.55 or $318.27, still your immediate net monthly savings is in the green with $36.05 or $64.94 per month. And don’t forget you deduct the financing at 100% against your 28% or so tax bracket as well. Guys this is a WIN-WIN situation, don’t delay the Power Revolution any longer!

TVA will purchase all of the green energy output at a rate of 12 cents per kilowatt-hour for solar and 3 cents per kilowatt-hour for other renewable generation as a premium payment above the retail rate and any fuel cost adjustments.

Read the whole TVA anouncement here