…well that is what you get if you are busy making a difference in the Solar PV market and in the environmental efforts to get things greener here in Nashville, TN.

I looked at an Article posted in the “BusinessWeek”, and thought that 15% is pretty good minimum pretax compound rate of return per year for a typical household solar system in 2009.

Most of the sweeteners Congress conjured up will go to big projects such as wind farms. But aspiring buyers of green homes will benefit, too. The revised 30% one-time investment credit for solar means that a buyer who installs a typical $25,000 solar panel system on his roof will get $7,500 in income tax credits, up from $2,000 under the old standard. How long that investment takes to pay off will depend on local rules and utility rates. In markets with the most costly power, such as California, Connecticut, and New Jersey, the pretax compound rate of return on a typical home solar system will be better than 15% per year, says Andy Black, chief executive of OnGrid Solar, an industry research firm.

you can find the complete article “Will Demand for Solar Homes Pick Up?” here:http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/08_44/b4106088155598.htm