Look at this Article posted at foxnews.com, we can clearly see now that the Government Mot(h)ors managers are the same people that have run our country in missery that it is in now, nothing but corrupted politians.

General Motors says it will proceed with the shutdown of the

100 miles per gallon - Raser Electric Hummer 3

100 miles per gallon - Raser Electric Hummer 3

 Hummer brand, but TheCarConnection has confirmed that an American company has twice expressed interest in a HUMMER deal–both before and after a failed bid from a Chinese company.

Raser Technologies is a Utah-based engineering firm that has produced electric-conversion 2009 HUMMER H3 prototypes. According to sources, Raser made an offer for HUMMER but was denied in favor of the eventual bid by Chinese


Raser Technologies was on the right track – but GM once again gave something “good” the boot, just like they did in 2004 with the Toyota partnership on the Prius / GM hybrid – what fools do we have that keep buying GM cars / products???