After my Nissan LEAF got it’s belly, sorry Battery full, I started to get hungry too. So I checked on PlugShare, and compared the charging stations in the Nissan LEAF’s Navigation, and sure enough I found no entry for the Factory in Franklin, TN. So I set sails for the factory, using my Garmin Nuevi Navigation.

The Factory in Franklin, TN is great shopping mal, not to big and not to small, and shows the “big Malls” why EV (electric Vehicle) Chargers are so important to be installed in Mall parking lots. The 2 L2 chargers by BLINK

are at the south end near the Viking Store entrance. These units are upgraded, and are requring to enter the zip-code, and most of all they have the most “up2date” sign

BLINK with the best sign for EV charging stations

Yes this is the sign that should be come the “rule”, and must be put up next to all BLINK chargers, even the ones at Cracker Barrel, to make the EV driving a success.

next to them which is the new standard that has been put to use in Washington, and Origon, with the effect that the spots where not ICE’d and while I was charging anyone that wanted to pull in noticed the signs and did “not” pull in. Once I stepped into the mal from the Viking Store entrance I found my self positively influenced of the nature and feel the Mall has, as well as the selections of stores and vendors, really nice. The restaurant I had lunch at offered a Salad sampler, which was great too.

This is the picture of the battery charge level when I arrived at the Factory, it is 5 miles from Nissan’s HQ:

Battery Charge state afer 5 miles driving from Nissan HQ to the Factory

It showes 83 miles range with 12 bars at 5.2 miles per KW