Since an invalid charging event on a GE charger (at the HCA Nashville Location 2505 park Plaza Nashville, TN 37203) the car has started to switch on the Main Warning light in the Dash and does not complete the Charging Process (roughly after 1 hours worth of charge) also the Leaf Spy App (Android app) reports DTC error codes:

1. (B29C1 2308 Charger EVSE VC-98)
2. (B29C1 2908 Charger EVSE VC-98)
3. (P3171 0008 EV/HEV)
4. (P3170 0008 EV/HEV)
5. (P316C 0008 EV/HEV)


After some research I found a discussion on – where another 2013 LEAF owner had to go through having the Charger replace – and then a month later the same thing started again – after he called the Dealer he learned that Nissan has come up with a software update to take care of this issue.
Issue with LEAF not completing a full charge – throwing errors – DTC

FYI if anyone comes back to look at this: The car charged normally for the last two months then started doing the same thing last week.  I took it back to the dealership and they told me my vehicle was one of the first they saw with the problem and that a month later Nissan started rolling out firmware updates that wouldn’t need the PDM replaced.  They updated it and things have been normal the last few nights.