On this page I will show that traveling with an all (100%) electric vehicle is possible even further than 100 miles.

Map to Crossville TN no Interstate travel

This map displays the routes taken towards Knoxville from Nashville not going Interstate

Please click on the Map thumbnail to see a larger version of the trip.

I started with the battery charged to 100 %, which indicated a range of 111 miles, I could not recapture all of my breaking regenerated power right from the start. By design if the battery is at charged to full capacity , then if you press the break pedal, the friction brakes will be used, while if there is “room” for energy to be stored in the battery the electric drive motor will be used as a generator to capture almost 100% of the kenetic energy. (minus conversion losses of course)

Nissan LEAF center console display with battery range at 111 miles Odo 10293

This shows the Center Display w. 111 miles range after start odometer of 10293 miles displaying on my trip to Cookeville, TN

 The trip started in Donelson, up through Hermitage past Leba

non and all the way up to Cookville.On this trip I chose to use none Interstate routes, to avoid the higher speed, and with that the higher consumption of power. This allowed me to get all the way to Cookville – including the “up the hill” drive without having to recharge until Cookville. The distance traveled on this “90%” charge was 77.4 miles, and arrived with about 14 miles or 2 bars remaining.

Here is the Map of that segment:

First section of my greater than 100 miles trip towards Knoxville, TN

This shows the 1st segment of the trip to Knoxville, TN with the actual recorded elevation of the segment to Cookville, TN

 This shows the actual elevation captured by the GPS, and we had to overcome a 657 feet incline towards Cookville. The thumbnails below show you my next stop for a quick top-off at Cracker Barrel store in Lebanon, TN