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Looks like Tennessee is making some progress in “green” living & energy consumption, I found this event posted today:

Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont will be hosting its first free Solar Energy Workshop on Tuesday June 30, 2009 from 10am until noon. Tremont’s staff will be joined by experts in the field of solar energy, representatives from area power companies, and community members who successfully use residential solar power.

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Today, by researching one of our famous Pop Stars death reports on the internet, I found a great ‘free’ advice in form of an E-Book at it shares things like:

By taking some

simple steps toward greater energy efficiency, you can easily cut into your energy bill by 20-50% or more…

all you have to do is sign up on their page – it is free!

Guys this article explains it very clear why Solar is Affordable. Don’t Believe Me? Prove it to Yourself…

A few weeks ago, I got tired of repeating myself when a California person said to me that solar was a nice idea, but that it wasn’t affordable.

So I said, you know what? I can tell you all about the available subsidies, the tax credits, not to mention the various low money down solar leasing, solar PPAs, and municipal financing programs. I really could. But the fact is you’re not going to believe me. The only way you’re going to believe me is if you prove it to yourself. How? Very simply…. Continue reading

This should interest a lot of people, it is a great / understandable break down of the TAX Incentives available to every one.

Check it out!

I found this today, and thought this is a great start, what do you guys think?

Green is Calling!

Today I found a great Website:, that features all kind of great Products that Transform. They have everything you need from eco-friendly gift ideas to complete grid-tie and off-grid renewable energy systems. One of the coolest features that I found there is the link at the top that gives access to a Free Energy Audit.

The American Society of Civil Engineers grades each segment of our nation’s infrastructure every year. This year, our energy infrastructure earned a D+, which is appalling by all measures. Here’s what they had to say:

“Electricity demand has increased by about 25% since 1990 while construction of transmission facilities decreased by about 30 percent. While annual investment in new transmission facilities has generally declined or been stagnant during the last 30 years, there has been an increase in investment during the past 5 years. Substantial investment in generation, transmission, and distribution are expected over the next two decades and it has been projected that electric utility investment needs could be as much as $1.5 to $2 trillion by 2030.”

Now think about that for a moment. . .

Everything that requires power today – from the computer systems that track our satellites to the pumps that bring fresh water into our homes – relies on basically the same technology that was invented back when indoor plumbing was considered a luxury!

So is it any wonder that today’s electric infrastructure is crumbling right before our eyes?

The infrastructure that we rely on today was never meant to handle today’s demands.

In fact, according to The U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 62% of the power generated in the U.S. is lost – either through transmission or by poorly optimized appliances, lights, and other devices.

do we not to do something now while we still can?

Solar and wind power are on the forefront of privateuse clean energy alternatives and are powering more and more homes, businesses, schools, and churches every day. Most states even offer generous incentives, rebates, and tax breaks for those who invest in home energy solutions. Some utility companies kick in added incentives to offset the cost of the equipment, plus they buy back any surplus energy produced by the private sector.

The private sector is changing its behavior; conserving more, taking measures to reduce their consumption and switching to alternative renewable energy sources. The most obvious supporting evidence is the exponentially increased presence of hybrid vehicles on the road. In fact, the sale of hybrid vehicles has risen over 300% since 2004 and continues to grow. According to an IBM Automotive study, all new vehicles will have some level of hybridization
by 2020.

We can create a lot of business in the renewable energy and “going green” industries. I’ll also assume you are aware of the massive shift in consciousness sweeping across our nation brought on mainly by the unstable price of oil. You don’t have to be an economist to understand the effects a $4.00 /gal tank of gas has on the average person.

Have you ever taken a walk over your employer’s parking lot and counted the “SUVs” and the gas guzzlers sitting there?

Now if you then see that the person driving it is a single male or female, does not even have a Family to care for. But he/she defiantly has a “ride” to show off with! WOW –

If you now count the average commute is 40 miles daily – and you see 1/3 small & medium size cars and the rest of them are out sourced army tanks like the guzzling monsters, which only get 10-12 (maybe) Mpg. – So that ends up being a waste of fuel for more then 75 % that does not need to be, where is the future here?

Well here is the proof that we are very good at wasting!

ASSOCIATED PRESS (The Boston Globe)Crude oil inventories plunged last week as Americans took to the road for the busy summer driving season, the government said Wednesday.

Crude inventories dropped by 4.4 million barrels, or 1.2 percent, to 361.6 million barrels, which is 19.9 percent above year-ago levels, the Energy Department’s Energy Information Administration said in its weekly report.

Analysts had expected a boost of 800,000 barrels for the week ended June 5, according to a survey by Platts, the energy information arm of McGraw-Hill Cos.

Gasoline inventories slipped by 1.6 million barrels, or 0.8 percent, to 201.6 million barrels, which is even with year-ago levels. Analysts expected stockpiles of the motor fuel to rise by 1.1 million barrels.

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